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This Weeks List

Every week we will post a link here that will give you access to a list of comics and other stuff that is coming out the following week! You will also be able to download a pdf file, print it and bring it to the store as your check list. Can't get any sweeter than that!

Pull Club Membership

Heroes and Villains offers a "pull club" service to its customers. The customers simply lets us know what books they would like to have put in their assigned box every week. Its easy to set up and with it comes a 10% discount. To join the pull club fill out the list below.

Buying Comics

On occasion we will buy collections from customers. In order to do this you need to bring your books in the store so the owner can look at them. Just a heads up, bag an board your books. It will be in your best intrest.

Selling Comics

We sell new books, and receive new books every week. We also have bargain bins and a huge back issue collection. We can order anything you need and we also carry many popular graphic novels.

Trading Comics

Trade and consignment are both available. These are done on a case by case basis and you will need to speak to the owner to set up an arrangement.

Comic Tools